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Kids know what they want.

How many of us have a stereotype when we think about our kids before we have them, the clubs they are going to do and the things they will  wear? I must say I did. And I hold my hands up to that, despite being a complete tomboy myself loving football, boxing and martial arts, I always assumed if I had a little boy he would do football or rugby, and if I had a little girl she would dance, and do gymnastics .

And then I  actually had kids. The things you thought would matter are just not important, and you just want to see them loving life.  I have three beautiful boys, one that is too young to have a clue what he likes yet, apart from bananas and the tv remote.
 Toby and Jack are so similar but also so different - their interests are in complete opposite things. Jack is part of the choir, loves country music and Taylor swift and doesn't really enjoy sports. Toby on the other hand would get stuck in to anything, would happily do sports clubs all day everyday, doesn't like my '…

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