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First Day Back At Work.

First Day Back At Work.

Not only was today the dreaded 'back to school' after the 6 weeks holiday, but my first proper day back since having baby Theo - 7 months ago!

In all fairness the day wasn't as awful as I was expecting, it was great to see some familiar faces, get out of the house and actually have to use my brain on various occasion. (As you can imagine singing nursery rhymes and picking up loose socks does not exercise the mind much at all.)

So after a pretty successful day (Morning - I am just a part timer) I decided to compile a list of Do's and Don'ts that may have benefited me more, had someone given them to me at the start of the day.

Do: Drink lots of coffee.
Don't: Overfill your cup so that you have to pour coffee in to another cup and then walk around holding two cups. (Yes, I did do this.)

Do: Leave Enough time to drop the Kids with Grandma and still make it to work on time.
Don't: Forget that the main road is closed and have to drive all round…

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