Let it go and party!

Last weekend we were invited to my aunties 50th birthday party, I was very excited to attend but very nervous about taking the kids.
Now, the boys are extremely well behaved in most situations, but the party would be late, and they would get all sugar filled and silly. I am usually a complete control freak when it comes to routine, although I am learning to let go a lot more recently - It's funny how a baby opens your eyes!

 We decided to go and take them anyway, the party started after the boys would usually be in bed, so of course they were super excited and feeling very lucky.
 The party was amazing, and I am so glad I relaxed and let them just have fun, it's good to break from routine - sometimes, and I would feel so much happier about doing it again with them. They were so well behaved and I couldn't stop smiling at the amount of fun they were having!
  There was a huge buffet table and pretzels and peanuts to snack on through out, I remember as a kid going up for multiple plates full of food, and despite the boys already having dinner I made a deal with them; if they could walk the length of the room with a pretzel on their head they could eat  whatever they liked. I am happy to say they succeeded and Toby enjoyed creeping round to each of the tables and taking handfuls of peanuts from all!

There was a photo booth and photographer which proved a big success for the kids, and acted as childcare for the first half of the party. The boys kept trying out new props and different poses, they had so much fun being silly, and I did too!

 The music was great, and we spent a lot of time on dance floor, the boys spinning around, and busting cool moves with all the family. We played piggy in the middle with an inflatable ball and danced around with some summer style inflatables.

 The icing on the cake was the fact that the ice cream man turned up in his van at the end of the party and we could all chose whatever we liked. It's safe to say the boys were on cloud nine which could be seen by their ice cream smiles. 

From about 8 o clock Toby had been saying that he thought it was the middle of the night, at about 11 he got super tired so we did the classic - put two chairs together and have a lay down. He didn't stay their long though, the pull to the dance floor must have been too much. He fell asleep in the car on the way way home, after struggling with the concept that it was already tomorrow even though he hadn't been to sleep and it was still night time.

  It was a fantastic night, I really don't know what  I was worried about, the boys were fantastic and we all had a wonderful time. Marcus joked on the way home that they should have been naughtier, because they set the bar very high for next time.

And because they stayed up 5 hours longer than normal, that of course meant they slept in..

   ...a whole 30 minutes in the morning! The joys of parenthood...

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