Keeping active as a family.

Last week I took the boys to train with my old boxing coach, they absolutely loved it and are now obsessed with exercise and keeping fit. Today I signed them up for Race at Your Pace, which is  a fantastic site that enables you to select a distance for the children to complete over the whole of May. The boys are super excited and are aiming to complete 5 miles - when they achieve this they get sent a medal for their efforts. So watch this space to see how they get on!

The boys have been super busy these last few weeks, which means, of course, that we have all been super busy. They both have swimming lessons in the week and now do clubs at school. Jack does singing, golf and athletics and Toby does gymnastics. It means our evenings are packed, trying to find time to read, eat and of course play. They are really enjoying themselves so it is definitely worth it. We had got a bit lazy as a family since having Theo. We drove everywhere and didn't do any clubs, and as the weather was so bad we rarely played in the garden. As well as clubs we have started taking scooters out on walks, and the boys are definitely benefiting from all this extra activity. They seem more motivated to do things at home, rather than just wanting to sit in front of the tv - and so do I. They are also making new friends and learning new skills, it has given them new topics to talk about, motivation to better themselves and self confidence that all kids need.
 I am so happy with our new, busy lifestyle and appreciate that the boys want to keep fit as it is helping me to get back in shape also.
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