When you love someone with Alzheimer's

Today was a good day for my grandad, and these days we don't get too many of the good ones to hold on to.  On a normal day he would have to ask me who I am, I could start up a conversation only to be shot down and asked the same dead end questions, sometimes we sit in silence, sometimes I will be told stories from his past that I have heard hundreds of times - gradually getting further from the truth with each tell.

 Today I was me, his Charlie Fart as he likes to call me, a name that is of endearment - not meant to embarrass, but a name I have missed hearing. He was full of smiles and laughter today and cooed over my baby boy - his great grandson. I got some fantastic photos that I know I will cherish in years to come. But my favourite moment came when he acknowledged my other two sons. He asked me 'Where are your other two boys?' Jack and Toby were at a school club, and I was completely lost for words when my grandad brought them up. He is rarely able to recall anything from his present memory which is why he is often confused to hear of his grandchildren driving, having jobs and even families - he still pictures us as the kids from 10 years ago. Today however he was not only able to acknowledge his great grandson who was present with him but also my other two who have only been apart of his life for 3 years. I was extremely overwhelmed as I wasn't even aware he acknowledged them last time we were out together, but that somewhere deep down he had accepted them as mine, and in doing so, as his.

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  1. Lovely to read! I have worked with people with all types of dementia for over 12 years and completely understand how you feel about the little things in life that you will cherish forever. Xx


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