Sleeping through thanks to Piper and Posie!

Theo is a typical newborn, he sleeps well, but not through the night. He doesn't really like being swaddled and if covered in a blanket will continuously kick his legs free of the cover.
 Often when I wake to feed him he is not quite awake, but just making noise and usually uncovered. our house is relatively warm at night so I wasn't too worried about him getting really cold, but it got me thinking that he would probably sleep better for longer if he was to stay snuggled and warmer. I decided to purchase a sleeping bag for him and see whether he would tolerate having his legs covered up - knowing that that way I would be able to ensure he was cosy all night.

The sleeping bag we got was from the brand Piper and Posie. I got it from TKMaxx for a great price and the design is really lovely. It has a super soft furry inside, and is grey with mint green outline and wild animals.

Usually Theo would go down to sleep at 10 pm and wake for a feed at 1, 3 and then half 5, when Marcus would get up with him.
 The first night we put Theo in his sleeping bag he had a good wriggle once inside to see if he could get comfy, once he realised he still had lots of freedom to move his legs he stopped fussing. He had his 10 o clock feed before I put him down and he slept all the way until 4am! Since then he has slept through every night until 4 o clock, and I am 100% convinced that it is all because of his Piper and Posie Sleep bag.

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