The end of the Easter holidays.

The Easter holidays are over and we are back in full swing with the school routine.
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The weekend before the kids went back was really lovely (considering they had been off school  for two weeks I had a surprising amount of patience.) I think it had a little something to do with the weather. It really is hard not to smile when the sun is out, and of course that meant the boys were able to be outside a lot which is just what little boys need.

 We went on a family swim, on Saturday morning, which was Theo's first time swimming. You can read about it here

Theo is clinging on tight
to Auntie Ashleigh.
In the afternoon the boys went to a kids indoor play center with their dad and some friends while I got to catch up with my friends from school. One of them lives in London now, so we rarely get the chance for a catch up so she also got to meet Theo for the first time.

We finished the evening with  purple baths and snuggles and stories. Jack has been giving his favourite Teddy to Theo, and Theo has been loving it. Perhaps it smells just like his big brother, although hopefully Jack washes more frequently than Jeffy!
Look how happy Theo is to get Jeffy.

Sunday was another great day, we had a quiet morning playing and a scooter ride, and then headed to the boy's grandad's house for a pizza buffet, some computer games and dominoes. (The game - not more pizza.) I don't know if the boys were any better behaved than usual or if I was just in a fantastic mood but the whole weekend felt incredibly chilled out!

The last two days have been full of housework and shopping, getting everything back in order now School is back in session. Clubs are all back on, and the kids seem to be feeling the difference after laying in for 40 minutes longer than usual this morning.