First night out since giving birth. 

The big boys have gone to stay with their grandparents for the weekend so me and Marcus decided to plan a date night, and that meant planning a night away from Theo.
I’ve left Theo before but just for an hour or two during the day, tonight I was super nervous to leave him.
My mum had offered to have him over night and although he was packed with everything he might need, as I left him with Grandma off the bus I was intending to change plans and pick him up late that  night on my way home.
I was torn between wanting a night out and feeling that my 10 week old baby boy was still to young to  be away from.

It was a great feeling to put on a new dress (a £5 Primark bargain) and feel like I actually looked nice, with my hair done and a bit of make up.
 I realised it was important for me to do this, that I needed to feel good about doing something for myself. Of course I love being a mummy but sometimes its hard to remember that you are a normal person who has to look after themselves too.

As the night progressed I still wanted to go and collect Theo, but it was easier to see that he would be fine, so would I, and that all I had to really do was go home, sleep and I would be able to pick him up bright and early in the morning. He wasn't going to miss me whilst he slept and I was lucky to get the opportunity for a good night out and a whole nights sleep!
 Of course I awoke feeling refreshed the next morning and went to collect my bubba who was full of smiles for me.

I feel that it was really important for me to get out and spend some time with Marcus. I know now that I can leave Theo and that the initial worry, that first time of leaving him is done and out of the way.  I don't plan on doing it again soon, but at least I know when the time arises again, we will both be fine.

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