Big brothers day out. 

When you’ve got three kids and one of them is a newborn it is hard to share your time. So I decided to take just the older two out for a fun day. The boys love their baby brother and if anything were a little disappointed when I told them he wasn’t going to be part of our fun day.

Toby- Oh I want Theo to come,
Me- I know, but I thought it would be nice for you and Jack to have a day with just mummy.
Toby- Yeah but Theo is cute,
Me- He is, but don't you want to spend some time with me
Toby- Yeah.. but you're not cute.

Thanks T.

I felt it was important though, and wanted them to know that I still had time for them and wanted to do things with them.
After we dropped Theo off, we headed to the Beefeater for a lovely breakfast. The boys were over the moon when they realized they could help them selves to continental breakfast while their fry up was cooking - they filled them selves with pancakes, yoghurts and pain au Chocolat and still made room for their sausages and bacon! At one point Toby didn’t know what to eat so had a bite of chocolate pancake followed by a mouthful of egg finished off with a spoonful of yoghurt!

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We had a bit of down time to let our bellies rest before heading to the swimming pool. Swimming is the boys favourite activity right now. Both of them do lessons which I must say makes our family swimming a lot more fun as they are able to enjoy themselves more in the water and are much more confident. The slide was also open today which provided us lots of entertainment!

This evening we rounded the day off with some board games and a good old sing song! Ed Sheeran was of high demand tonight!

A really fantastic day, I feel super chilled tonight and the boys were as good as gold! Perfect end to the week.

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