Baby's first swim!

In the recent weeks the boys have become avid swimmers; starting lessons and enjoying some family fun time at the local pool. Today we took Theo swimming too! Jack and Toby were so excited.

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I was slightly nervous, as I think all mums with babies are, but I needn't have worried. He absolutely loved the water, and wasn't phased by the splashes of his brothers. Jack is swimming fantastically  now and even managed a length of the small pool, and Toby's fear of going under water has completely gone and he actually managed to swim a few meters.  They are both so comfortable in the water now, practicing floating, pushing of the wall and even sitting on the bottom of the pool.
Me and Theo got out a little earlier than the boys, who got to enjoy some extra fun time with daddy. Theo was wrapped in his towel, and snuggled in mine also, and fell asleep as we sat at the edge of the pool watching the boys. I think we all had a really fun time, and I can't wait to take the 3 of them for another swim session soon!

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