A sunny, spring weekend. Was it really picture perfect?

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Everyone knows that you only post photos of the good times, that you would not usually post a picture of a tantrum or write about how much the kids got on your  nerves but we all know it happens. This weekend, however, seemed like a picture perfect weekend in reality. I think when the sun comes out, everyone's mood lifts.

The weather was beautiful the kids were wonderful and we all got to enjoy some perfect time together. We spent most of the time outside; doing gardening and playing games, and also visited family. It was unrealistically relaxing, but I'm not complaining!

I got some amazing photos this weekend at the boys great nans house. Their garden is so beautifully kept that it is great for taking pictures. It's so green and bright!

BusyMum Instagram

The boys are at a great age now, where they can make up their own games and try new things. I'm really looking forward to this summer to be able to play more with them

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