Introducing Me.. again.

Shall we just start again?
 I'm Charlie, I'm 23 and I'm mum to 3 gorgeous boys.

 Now let's be honest, considering my last post was August the usual excuses won't really cut it, but for one reason or another I stopped blogging. Since then we have welcomed a wonderful new addition to our family, baby Theo, and life has been continuing to pass us by oh so quickly.

 Toby has started school, and I am happy to say he is such a smart boy like his big brother. The boys now both do swimming lessons and street dance and are of course keeping me and their dad on our toes.
Life is busy now more than ever, but it is filled with so many great moments that I just want to share it. I am currently on my maternity leave and so often find myself with a little extra time on my hands and am going to start sharing a little more again.
 Here goes...