Week 1

In one view that week flew by, when I think have atleast 5 more like it, it kinda dragged. How are we meant to fill the time?! These boys are go go go, and I am completely exhausted. 

So first week down, hope everyone who gets the pleasure of 6 weeks off is enjoying themselves and looking forward to (maybe secretly dreading) the next 5. It was quite a simple week here no great big adventures, but lots of little activities to fill the week. 

The boys are in club and nursery, Monday to Wednesday so I'm kind of cheating a little for the next two weeks, but I need holiday too! The evenings have been filled with games of Pokemon and ninjas (basically they spy on me and I pretend not to notice). We have done lots of reading and drawing, and on Thursday we took a trip to town and spent a while in the library getting signed up for the reading challenge this summer! 

This is apparently the outfit that ninja spies wear... 

Friday was a nice day, a morning of crabbing and shell finding and an evening of relaxing baths and nail painting (the boys, not me!) 

Saturday we took a trip to the boot fair where the boys picked up some bargains, then we headed to the cinema with friends, who later joined us  at ours for the evening! It was lovely and relaxing and we were treated to a chippy tea! 

Sunday was a great morning as we headed out for a family breakfast. The boys filled there stomachs for the day with a nice Harvester buffet and then we met family for a dog walk in the woods.

So that was week 1, let's see what week 2 brings!