Cast your minds way back! 

I know, I know. I have been pretty absent from the blogging world, and to be honest with you I feel like I've been pretty absent in day to day life. The reason we haven't blogged much is because we have had very little to blog about, I have been really unwell, and I must admit to get through the days we have done lots of film watching and junk food eating. Sometimes you just need to! But things are looking up so hopefully we can start doing more as a family again and I can start blogging again! 

I thought I'd post a few pictures from Fathers Day - can you remember that far back?! As I said we haven't been up to too much, so this is just putting together the little bits I do have. 

We created the above picture in to a card for Marcus, the boys were so excited as of course it was very personal and they just couldn't wait to show him what we had been up to behind his back. They also created their own cards and we filled out little quizzes on what they thought of their daddy, as you can imagine some of the answers were hilarious. We spent the day down the beach, doing almost touristy things, like posing for pictures and walking along the pier and of course treating ourselves to giant slushes as it was a very warm day! It was lovely to spend quality time together as a family, exactly what days like that are for.