Super funday today. Me and jack had a mummy and son day, after dropping Toby at nursery. It seemed a really important thing to do as Jack doesn't very often get time on his own with one of us. We headed to tides swimming pool and had a blast. Jack really impressed me with how confident he was in the water, he took his arm bands off almost straight away and was jumping under the water and splashing about. He's getting better at swimming too, if that's what you call it - He's getting better at thrashing about in the water and travelling whilst doing it! Can't wait for him to start lessons and watch the improvements. I treated to him to a chippy lunch whilst we were there, and then we headed to get Toby so we could all go to the Dentist. The boys teeth (and mine) were good. Yay! 

At home we had a typical Friday night, pizza, ice cream and games in the garden. What a lovely day! Bring on the weekend for more days like that, plus we get to have Marcus at home too!