The most civilised egg hunt... ever! 

On Saturday we were at the boys nans for a belated Easter. The Easter bunny had kindly come again for another weekend of chocolate fun and filled the garden with chocolate treats. 

I expected the boys to come running out with their baskets and push each other out of the way in order to get the most choccies! Instead it was much more civilised, i was pleasantly surprised- or maybe a bit freaked out. 

The boys were so kind to each other, pointing out chocolates to the other one, or finding one and putting it in the others basket. I'm not even exaggerating they were far too nice to each other for brothers on an egg hunt! 

I even managed to capture their teamwork on camera, take a look at the picture below. The boys both found and egg each, instead of putting it in their baskets they told each other they had found one, swapped sides and put the egg the other one had found for them in their basket. It was hilarious to watch! And quite cute too!