Holiday fun! 

The Easter holidays are in full swing and we have been super busy! The kids have been little angels which is worrying as we go away in 2 days and I don't know how much longer they can keep it up! 

On Tuesday night we went round to my cousins and went down to the driving range. The kids were super excited and it was nice for me and Marcus to get a go as usually we are just watching the boys. We then went and had pizza for dinner.. result! They had a really fluffy and soft rug in their house which the boys enjoyed rolling all over, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a nice photo.. but it took LOTS of attempts. 

The next day revolved a lot around food as we met a friend and had dessert for lunch at Kaspas, and McDonalds for dinner!  They boys also had some money to spend and Toby very nearly bought a helicopter hat!!! I couldn't decide whether forcing him to buy it would have been good or bad parenting? 

On Thursday I got to see my two favourite girls as we spent the afternoon with friends. The new favourite of fishfinger sandwiches was on the menu for lunch, followed by a bedroom dance party and a trip to the cinema! It's lovely to catch up with people in the holidays :)