The coolest swimming pool ever! 

Today we visited Ishara, a giant swimming pool in a nearby town. They boys were all super excited before we even got there, counting down the minutes until we could leave the house.  

There was so much to do at Ishara. We didn't even touch the two normal swimming pools. There was a pool where the lights made the water change colour, a wave machine and rapids that took you outside. The kids pool was awesome, and had a huge pirate ship, bridge, fun slide and lots of buckets and waterfalls to play with. 

There was also a large warm pool with jacuzzi beds and waterfalls. Everyone's favourite thing was the very large slide that you went down on a rubber ring, it was really fast and dark, and had lights that flashed as you went down. 

Let's just say that the pools back home are going to be pretty disappointing for a while!