Easter Holidays Day 1&2

Yay! The holidays are finally here! 

We have lots planned for this first week, and are counting down the days until our trip to Germany! 6 more sleeps! 

Yesterday was a pretty normal day we spent ages getting the house in order, which already looks like it needs doing again. The boys played, and argued and played and shouted and helped and played and moaned and played and visited the park. Like I said a normal day. 

Today we carried on with our new Sunday morning tradition of going to Golf. The boys still love it and Toby even got promoted to using the driver. I get to catch up with my cousin during golf which is an added bonus! 

We then headed to Wingham, and as it was a really nice day we spent a lot of time playing in the outside play park. Jack showed off his new found balancing skills. After being super scared the time before, and practically crying as he walked along a balance beam, he had a new step of confidence and was basically running across the things! 

 We had a really great day in the sun, we did lots of running about and playing and saw lots of animals. The highlight of the day was in the reptile house. Toby had been excited about holding a snake round his neck all morning, and he finally got a chance. Jack, not wanting to be outdone by his younger brother, went from not wanting to even stroke the snake to having it placed round his neck. I was super proud of him. 

 I had never done it before either so I had a go too. We are all feeling super happy with ourselves - Thanks Wingham!