Back in to the swing of things. 

2 days in to the new school term and everything is back to normal. The boys constantly ask if they can watch tv and if they can have a snack, but atleast it's only for 4 hours instead of 12! 

This afternoon I managed to persuade them to come outside in the sun (honestly, you'd think they were vampires the fuss they made!) and of course we had loads of fun! They aren't actually that bad, they usually love being outside.

We played loads of different things. Rounders and catching and lots of jumping and kicking balls at each other! I love being outside with them, because they are such lively little boys. They are very energetic so inside their madness is often too much, but in the garden they are free to completely go wild, and boy do they! 

No.. I don't get my son to wear a helmet on the space hopper, this was his crazy imagination. 

After Toby went to bed me and Jack spent a little longer outside making up new games, and practicing his throwing, catching and headers (some were even intentional).