Wingham Weekend

Is it Sunday night already? Why does the weekend go so fast? I am exhausted and could really do with one more day to relax! We have been so busy, and even the boys are feeling super tired and warn out after the weekend. We had tears this evening because the controller wasn't controlling netflix properly, because the cover wasn't shared exactly in half between them, and because he couldn't walk up the stairs because he had a sore throat. There was something in the air at home tonight, as we were all super emotional. It's safe to say I am glad it is bedtime, but we have had a lovely weekend.

Yesterday we had quite a chill day, a bit of food shopping, lots of puzzles and a few friends round to visit. Today we had a very long day, an early start to get the house in shape before the boys second golf lesson. They have been looking forward to golf all week which I think is fantastic. The most important thing for me is that they enjoy what they are doing. Both of them made a real improvement, and Toby who could barely get it on to grass was hitting some good balls - probably due the fact that he had a special club this week because he is so tiny that the 4 year old club is much too big! You can check out some videos of them in action on my Youtube Channel 'BusyMum FamilyFun' as many as some other funny memories.

After golf we met some friends at Wingham Wildlife Park where we have season tickets (which are definitely worth the money) We took a pack lunch which the boys helped make this morning. The family we met have two young girls, 2 and 5, and the kids get on so well! We spent ages watching the little monkeys playing with their new toys and got to see the penguins swimming around their tank. Jack made friends with a meercat and we all got chased by a dinosaur! We finished the day off in the indoor play area with a cheeky portion of chips and refreshing drink.

We had such a great day but were more than ready to get to bed!