Our family

I feel like because I am hoping to write more of these blogs that I should probably give you a bit more of an introduction. I am Charlie and I am 22, I work as a TA, and used to be a boxer and fitness fanatic but now I just don't see how I had the time!

I love to read and play the guitar and have just recently started learning to draw! (Before that, stick people were my niche.) I absolutely love spending time with my kids, and love coming up with new ways for us all to enjoy each others company. Jack is the eldest, he is 6 years old, but acts more like he's 11, or another grown up in the house. He is smart, kind and caring and such a good kid. (Although he has a few attitude flare ups from time to time) We are currently reading Harry Potter together, which is very cool! He loves cuddling up with his mummy. You can always tell when Jack is over excited because he starts randomly calling out food names in some weird tourettes flare up. Pasta Bake!

Toby is the baby of the family, he has just turned 4 but is super diddy for his age. He is loud, cheeky and won't sit still but he has a huge heart and a big smile. He gives the best morning cuddles and goodnight kisses. He pulls the craziest faces and his laugh is contagious.

Last but not least is Marcus, the boys dad, he has his own business and is well driven. He manages to balance life very well though, he is a great family man! We support each other through everything but can match each other in stubbornneess. He is such a wonderful daddy and the only one I would ever want by my side to raise my kids.

We are a very close family and love spending time all together, I am not going to say it is easy because some days it's really difficult, but it is definitely worth it!