More fun with the kids around!

We had a child free morning today as the boys went out with their grandparents for a fun filled day out. Marcus and I chose to make the most of our time and do something really grown up and go and... see Beauty and the Beast. It was actually really good, and such beautifully played out I was very impressed. I LOVE Emma Watson so that was an added bonus, and to be fair probably the only reason I got Marcus to come along with me, although I think he enjoyed himself more than he is letting on.

This post was going to be all about having time together with out the kids, what we did and what some other ideas could be, but it turned out that that was actually the least exciting part of our day.

TOBY LEARNT TO RIDE HIS BIKE BY HIMSELF! I probably looked like a crazy lady running alongside him. My fists pumping the air and me shouting 'You're doing it! You're doing it!' Over and Over again!

He has been out on his bike once before when I took Jack down to the beach to ride his. Jack was a fast learner without stabilizers so we tried Toby the same way. He really enjoyed
himself last time we went out so he was super excited today! He really struggled to balance himself but we let him stop and start and keep trying again, rather than feeling like he didn't have to try each time because we were holding him too tight. He was getting more confident and then, after a little crash, jumped straight back on his bike and was more confident than ever, I could barely keep up with the bike to hold on to him, let alone hold him up. I gave up trying to hold on and ran alongside him. He saw I wasn't holding on and began to laugh. It was brilliant he was so happy with himself... and then I acted like a crazy woman... Proud mum/crazy woman presents itself in the same way!

After tiring ourselves out, we went for a walk on the beach and found some little crabs, which the boys found very enjoyable. When we got home we settled down with a movie and some tasty fish finger sandwiches! I'd say that was a very good day!