It's a happy birthday!

Today was a busy day, but then again when is it not. I was woken by a four year old asking me if the bottom of his t-shirt was flat... and 3 minutes later telling me about his toilet habits and the unfortunate place the piece of tissue got stuck.

We headed to a kids golf lesson in Canterbury which turned out to be great fun! Golf is definitely not something I ever thought I'd be taking my children to, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The boys did a fabulous job. Jack was a real natural and started hitting some nice long shots. Toby is that child that just talks and hums and moves and wriggles and sings and squirms and makes up his only crazy words, and somehow he actually managed to concentrate. Stop, adjust his feet, adjust his hands, and prepare him self, it was so sweet to watch and I couldn't believe how calm he was. That might sound weird but if you knew Toby you would understand that calm was really not a word used to describe him!

In the afternoon we went to the 5th Birthday of a little girl that I have so much love for. I looked after Mya when she was 2 years old until last September. Her and her sister were a huge part in mine and the boys lives and every time we see them is filled with fun. Whenever I see Mya now she is always bigger, smarter, cheekier, and prettier than the time before, and I love that I have been a part of her life as she has grown. Happy Birthday Moo!

The day wasn't all great of course, among many incidents, Jack decided it would be fun to whack Toby over the head with a space hopper, leaving him with a nice red mark down one side of his face. Was it wrong to then let Toby hit him back to show how much it hurt?

The day ended well, (does everyone else wright there day off once the kids are in bed, after that its falling asleep in front of the tv time, right?) Jack told me he loved me more than 100 sweets. RESULT!

Hope you have all had a good weekend.