Enjoying the warm weather with kids.

Now the weather is getting nicer we can all start going out in the garden more! Here are a few of the nice weather activities that interest me as well as the kids.

1. Scavenger hunt.

Write, or draw pictures of things that you want your children to collect around the garden, let them use their brains and wander round the garden looking for the things on your list. You could always make this something they can do with out you following them around so that you can have a little relax in the sun, or get on with some chores that you have been unable to find time for. You can put plenty of spins on this, like setting your child a timer and seeing how many green/blue/yellow things they can find in the garden in that time. Scavenger hunts don't have to just be used in the garden, you can use them to brighten up a long walk to the shops, or a trip to the woods. We have even started taking a list of animals or things that the boys need to Photograph when we go to Wingham Wildlife Park, to make each visit a little bit different and exciting as we have season tickets and like to make the most of them.

2. Chalk

The things you can do with chalk are endless! Draw pictures, draw a target to throw things at or and obstacle course to follow, draw around yourself, or your child or get them to draw around a sibling or an object. If your child will play with cars for hours like mine, draw a road outside, let them bring their cars to the garden, and sit back and enjoy the sun whilst they play their favourite game!

3. Water

If the sun is out and the temperature is hot, then you can't go wrong with water play in the garden. It will keep them cool and busy. Washing up bowls and bubbles is a popular one in this house and if I'm lucky they often offer to actually wash up which is one less job for me! Watering cans is another good one, and potentially one less job for you to do! Depending on how much space you have, as well as resources, just simple pouring jugs and boats are fun, or if you don't have anything to put them in, buy a cheap spray bottle and fill it with water. My 4 year old spent hours last summer just squirting things with water or running through the mist he had just made!

4. Bubbles.

Such an easy one and CHEAP! Kids love bubbles it's a fact, they also love not looking what they are doing, pouring the bubbles on the floor and then crying, but they really enjoy themselves before that!
Those are my top 4 suggestions with lots of variations and twists on all of them. Enjoy the weather and enjoy your time out doors with your kids! I hope you'll try some of theses ideas if you havn't already and please share your great ideas with me too! Charlie