Alright Spring, do your thing!

I find happiness when the sun shines.

When the sun shines through the window or warms my face when I walk outside, I feel that it's going to be a good day.

After a cold winter, a day of warmth is what we all need for a little positivity. I got home from work still feeling energised, and took the opportunity to get the boys out in the garden, enjoying the weather. It's amazing how much fun can be had outside, we spent all evening until Toby's bed time out there, the boys constantly thinking of new games to play, using their imaginations, working their bodies and brains, and carrying huge smiles on their faces.
We Spent ages bouncing around the trampoline and practicing our gymnastics. Jack was a star and managed to do a proper handstand, we did film some of it so that might follow later! Also Jack laughed so hard that dribble and/or snot ended up in a puddle on the trampoline and he had to run inside to get a tissue with all running down his chin. It was pretty disgusting, but also entertaining!
The boys impressed me with their cricket/rounder skills and we also used the bats as relay batons on Jack's request. After dinner the boys still wanted to play outside so we took out the chalk and drew round them, which they found extremely funny!

It is so easy to have fun outside, and I felt great because I didn't have to constantly tell them to be quiet. They were exhausted by bed time and I didn't have to listen to the constant 'When can we watch telly?!' A lovely afternoon and with hopefully many more to come! Make the most of being outside and if you are stuck with what to do with kids, or find your self doing the same old thing after school or work, then this great weather is really going to help change it up a little!